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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Fern Vaults.

56 Dale Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow.
The Fern Vaults

The Fern Vaults. 1888.

The Fern Vaults sat in the shadow of the Corporation Gas Works at 56 and a half Dale Street, Bridgeton. The proprietor in 1888 was wine and spirit merchant Thomas Ferguson, he got his training in the Auld Hay House, Canning Street, near the Barrowfield Brewery, where he served for seven years.

Thomas stocked large quantities of Avon Dhu (label Red Hand and Cross Swords) a fine old Highland Scotch Whisky, owned by Messrs. John Hair & Company., Glasgow. Mr Ferguson also kept on tap and bottles John Haig Whisky, the finest ales were also stocked including Melvin's 60 shilling ale, Oswald, Paterson & Co's nourishing Stout and Adamson's Stout and Ale, fine Champagnes, brandies and wines were also stocked.

Thomas was a member of the Eastern Merchants and Tradesmen's Society, his diploma dated back to 1877 and numbers 699. This speaks volumes for a man of 32 years of age. The pub was the hunting ground of the Gas workers and was jam packed on pay day.

Well known publican Francis Meichen owned the pub from 1897, he sold the business to Martin Maloney who traded from here until the pub was demolished during the First World War.


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