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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Robert Brown.

Wholesale Blender and Scotch Whisky Blender, 17 Hope Street, Glasgow.


Robert Brown was established in 1865 as a Blender and Scotch Whisky Merchant. His registered blend's of whisky were well known household names such as the 15 year old "Four Crown's." His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales even liked this blend of Scotch. Mr Brown had an export trade as well, shipping out large quantities to India, the Colonies and Spain.

Robert Brown was sole agent for of Henry Thompson & Co.'s "Old Irish Whiskey." for over twenty years. This was reputed to be one of the best whiskey labels of it's time and used by Queen Victoria, the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Connaught and was supplied to the Houses of Parliament.. Crooks tried very hard to reproduce this old blend of whiskey, the labeling was very good and was passed around many of the pubs in and around Scotland, however one would know right away by the fowl taste and smell of this copy fire water.

Mr Brown's headquarter's were at 17 Hope Street, Glasgow having branches at 2 Gresham Buildings, Guildhall, London and Central Chambers, 17a South Castle Street, Liverpool and 16 West Docks, Dundee.


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