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62 Argyll Arcade, Glasgow. G1.


Exterior image of Sloans

Sloan's is the oldest restaurant in the city established in 1797.

sloans window

One of the stained glass windows in Sloans.

To read more on the history of Sloan's read my book.

Two years ago Sloan's was taken over by Colin Barr, and had a facelift despite it being a listed building. Colin is well known in Glasgow and owns the Bier Halle Republic and the Salty Dog, when he took over Sloan's it was the first time he was the owner of a tavern. It was renamed Bastille's.

It was a very hard job to take over such a large project as Sloan's has suffered over the past ten years or so with so many bars and restaurants in the area competing for the same customers. This became a reality as his new project closed a year afterwards in 2006.


Various views of Bastille at Sloan's August 2005.

interior Bastille interior of sloans

Sloan's ladies sitting room staircase in Sloans

interior view of the main bar Main enterence

entrance at Sloans


Sloans was part of a chain of pubs owned by Alloa Breweries which included Rogano, Victoria & Albert, The Barasserie in West Regent Street.

J K McIntosh St Andrews dinner dance 1970

The St Andrew's Day Dinner of the Royalty Burns Club, held in Sloan's, with Mr Robert Meiklem presiding, was one of the most successful of the series.

The company of 130 made a record collection of £86 for the Burns benevolences, the appeal for which was made by A Laing (Sandeman and Sons).

Pictures above are J K McIntosh, immediate past president; R Meiklem, president; H McCrostie, secretary; P Robertson. Can you identify the man on the far right?

image interior Sloan's Arcade Cafe 1930s

Interior view of the dining room 1930s.

interior view of Sloan's dining room 1930s

Interior view of Sloan's Arcade Cafe 1930s.

image of Sloan's Arcade Cafe staircase 1930s

Staircase in Sloan's 1930s.

Arcade Cafe Menu

This Menu from the Arcade Cafe when Walter Myron occupied the premises.

details of the menu from the Arcade Cafe

To view a more detailed menu just click on it and copy to your computer, but remember this is all copyright and must not be shared without my permission.

Sloans advert 1975

Sloans advert 1975.

Sloans Doubles Bar advert 1975

Sloans Doubles Bar advert 1975.

Sloan's advert 1977

Sloan's advert 1977.


Sloan's advert 1979

Sloan's advert 1979.

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