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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Andrew Purdon's Tavern.

Stockwell Street.

Andrew Purdon's Tavern Stockwell Street

Andrew Purdon's Tavern. C 1840.

The "Best Ale Under The Sun" was said to have been served at the Tavern which was located in the building shown above. It stood at the southern end of Stockwell Street close to the River Clyde and had a thatched roof and crow-stepped chimney stacks. A double outside staircase and many colourful signs at the front of the building were also attractions to potential customers. In its heyday the landlord was Andrew Purdon. Cows were milked in the forecourt and nursemaids would queue with the children in their care, the wee ones clutching their tinnies to be filled with warm milk. Thanks to the Mitchell Library.


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