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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Broon's Bar.

163 McAslin Street corner of 99 Taylor Street.

McAslin Street was formerly known as Albert Street.

Broon's Bar dates back to the 1870s when landlord William Cook owned the premises. He continued running the pub until around 1881. The pub was then taken over by Matthew Galloway. Matthew lived at 86 Garthland Drive. By 1897 he was paying and annul rent of £65.00 for his pub in Albert Street (McAslin Street) and owned another pub at 205 Castle Street, this old pub was known as the "Grapes."

During this time there were two other pubs on Albert Street the other was at 149 owned by landlord Robert Glover, and the Glebe Bar owned by

This popular pub was then taken over by James Hegan, the rent was then cheaper at £60.00 a year.

In 1937 John McFarlane was landlord. The other two pubs on McAslin Street (as it was now known) was at number 63 and 149.

Mr McFarlane served the locals here until the early 1950s. The pub was then known as Broon's Bar.

William Miller the took over the pub which was now known as Willy Miller's Bar.

William Miller was a former Celtic and Clyde goal-keeper.

William Miller group photo 1958

This image was taken in 1958 at the Glasgow Licensed Trade Association Dance.

left to right Mr H McCrostie, Whitbread's; Mr & Mrs J Lundie, Cavendish Street; Mr & Mrs William Miller "Broon's Bar"; Mr H L Jenkins, Whitbread's; Mrs & Mr J K Hardie, Balmoral Bar; Mr F W Bowles, Whitbread's.


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