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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Carlton Vintners Company.

43 Adelphi Street corner of 1 Muirhead Street, Glasgow.

Interior view of the Carlton Vintners Company

The Carlton Vintners Company. 1891.

At the south end of the Stockwell bridge going eastwards by Adelphi Street once stood the Carlton Vintners Company. This very old howff stood at the corner of Adelphi and Muirhead Street for over one hundred years. The main entrance was to Adelphi Street while the sitting-rooms and family department entrance was to Muirhead Street. Externally the premises may be described as an ornament to the locality, while the bright coloured panels illustrative of "Faugh-a-Ballagh" and the "Lord of the Isle" from an interesting study to the passers by.

The windows were beaded with stained glass-work of an appropriate design, fitted to harmonize with the great lamp that over-hangs the entrance. The main bar counter ran the full length of the premises with a curve at each end and a door. The spirit rack and shelving behind the bar was tastefully decorated with ornamental casks which were ranged in order of the various whiskies, with the price marked in plain figures, also the name by which the whisky was distinguished.

The large barrels by a unique arrangement were connected by tubes to the spirit gauge, which gave the exact quantity contained in each, and the number of gills drawn from the tap each day or week, as may be desired.

The sitting-rooms, which may be entered without passing the whole length of the bar, was lofty and airy in summer, having suitable fireplaces for the colder weather. Moreover, the lighting was good, and for the internal fittings and embellishment they possess that cheerful aspect of a place just left the tradesmen's hands. Both here and in front of the bar were several choice paintings and sketches, most of which were of peculiar interest to Glaswegian's who can remember Old Hawkie, Wee Willie Wallace and other Glasgow Characters; while art of a more practical kind is illustrated by some handsome mirrors the work of H B Macphail, of London Street.

The beers were from Messrs. Allsopp's, Thompson's and Hill & Son's (Burton,) breweries which were kept cool in the cellar underneath and raised to the bar by a beer engine. Findlater's Stout was also kept on the premises. Good quality liquors were also kept including excellent blends of old Scotch whisky as the "Lord of the Isles," "Royal Prince Charlie," "Faugh-a-Ballagh," and the family department did a fair trade on it's own.

In 1875 James White was the landlord, he occupied another old pub at 56-58 Crown Street, Gorbals. Well known and respected member of the Scottish Licensed Trade, Peter McDonald acquired this old pub in the 1880s.

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