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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Govanhill Bar.

332 Thistle Street,Gorbals, Glasgow.

Govanhill Bar

Govanhill Bar. 1970s.

The history of this old favourite Gorbals howff goes back to 1877 when Peter McDonald acquired the premises as a store for his wine, spirit and rectifying business. Mr McDonald also had a public house round the corner at 91-97 Cathcart Street. Business prospered and within a few years he was living in one of the best street in the Gorbals, Abbotsford Place.

He eventually acquired a licence for the premises and traded under the title of Carlton Vintners Co., by this time he was operating a massive wholesale and retail business at 4 Carlton Place, and a public house in Adelphi Street at the corner of Muirhead Street also called the Carlton Vintners Co.

Peter McDonald Carlton Place

Peter McDonald's premises, 4 Carlton Place. 1892.

Govanhill Bar Gorbals

Govanhill Bar.

In 1899 William Morrison took over the licence, he also traded from 364 Rutherglen Road at the corner of Sandyfaulds Street many will remember this pub as Gilmour's Bar.

Govanhill Bar

Govanhill Bar. 1960s.

This pub will best be remembered as Gallagher's Bar. Hugh Gallagher took over the Govanhill Bar licence on 10th March 1970. However Mr Gallagher wasn't new to the trade as he was a well known and respected Gorbals publican, wine and spirit merchant and a former president of the Glasgow Licensed Trade Benevolent Association He also had licensed premises at 173 Cumberland Street, "The Tirconnail Bar" and the "Glenbervie" at 185 Gorbals Street, The Minerva Bar, 631 Argyle Street, 32 Raglan Street.

Govanhill Bar Gorbals

Govanhill Bar. 1980s.

Govanhill Bar

Govanhill Bar. 1991.

One of the last publicans to hold the licence was Joseph Gaughan in 1991. The pub was finally demolished a few years later like most of the other pubs in the Gorbals.


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