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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Clachan Bar.

252 Shawbridge Street, Pollokshaws, Glasgow. formerly 112 King Street, Pollokshaws.

The Clachan Bar 1960s

The Clachan Bar. 1960s.

This wonderful image is from a great book called Old Pollokshaws by George Rountree. A great web site with loads of Pollokshaws images can be seen at


This part of Shawbridge Street was formerly called King Street. In 1901 Edward Gallagher was running this old public house paying an annual rent of £50. The Gallagher family continued to serve the locals here until 1937. The licence was then taken over by George Millen.

Mr Millen's wife Agnes was running the pub until it was finally closed down and demolished in the 1960s.


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