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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Craighall Tavern.

171 Craighall Road, Possilpark, Glasgow.


Craighall Tavern

The Craighall Tavern. 1991.

This was formerly the Mosshouse Bar.

In the News 1973...

Interior of the New Mosshouse Bar 1973

Among the judges at a talent contest at the New Mosshouse Bar, Craighall Road, were singer Moira Anderson (in picture above), John Mercer, Ind Coope, extreme right, Ian Copland, mine host, extreme left, and the winner, Jimmy McCrindle, Craighall Road, Glasgow, second left. Jimmy's prize was a long week-end in Majorca. 1973.

This old established pub is demolished alone with two other pubs in the area, The Rock and the Possil Bar. New houses are now on the site.


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