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Darts in Pubs.

Darts the in GAME.

Darts, the pies-and-pints game that is played with fanatical zeal by its hundreds of thousands adherents up and down the country, is about to acquire a new status.

It will be given the royal patronage when the Queen presents the prize to the winners of the first-ever international between the four home countries that constitutes part of the celebrations to mark Bristol's 600th year this summer.

Darts is emerging from the smoky environments of the pubs and taverns where it was cradled and hosteled. It could be the "in" pastime of the seventies, for the news of the royal patronage that's caused quite a flutter among the thousands of darts "windows" resigned to spending two or three nights a week alone while their menfolk enjoy themselves at the local.

This is all to the good for in many aspects darts deserve to be up-graded in the world of sport. It is a game for the masses, one that often demands commitment and dedication, and finds thousands of fanatics who are willing to treat it that way.

It is also an indoor sport for the sociable who want to spend an evening in good company. Darts teams and squads have their own code of conduct, and the associations and leagues that run darts have committees who make sure that no one oversteps the mark.

In Scotland the game finally became organised on a country-wide level when the Scottish Darts Association was formed about 18 months ago, after a series of meetings with the various leagues and associations. Suddenly darts came under a national "umbrella."

Two men who had a lot to do with the organising of the SDA were Bill Boyd, a quiet-spoken Ayrshire man who is adept at handling the intricate arrangements for a big tournament, and Frank Quinn, the march secretary of the big Glasgow association.

Frank became the SDA's first president, Bill its secretary. There's been a tremendous enthusiasm about the whole venture. The "Scottish" are full of hope about their chances in the forthcoming Bristol international, and they want to dispatch their team dressed uniformly and correctly for this big royal occasion.

The side is loaded with talent, men like Bert McCord (Inverkeithing); reigning Scottish singles champion George Nicoll (Arbroath); and Harry Heenan (Glasgow), former Scottish and Glasgow champion. 1973.

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and Sou Wester.

In the News 1974...

Punchbowl and Sou'Wester play it out in the final.

The Snapp Bar, London Road, ladies first darts league in Glasgow. 1976.

Winners of Glasgow's first ladies darts league. 1976.


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