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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Dunrobin.

145 George Street, Glasgow.


Interior view of the Dunrobin Bar

Interior view of the Dunrobin. 1947.

To read the full history of the Dunrobin Click here.

Thanks to Gavin L Cutler for the following email...

Hi John, I just found your site and was browsing old haunts from when I was a post grad student in Glasgow.

I was at Strathclyde (Physics Dept) and one of our favourite haunts was the Dunrobin on George Street. My enduring memory is that the draught Tennent's lager was fantastic, way better than anywhere else (at least to the taste buds of an English bitter drinker who usually stuck to Guinness in Glasgow- sorry if that's sacrilege.)

Anyway I think the Dunny was demolished in about 1986, but we rescued the 20ft name board from the site and stuck it up in the John Anderson Building of Strathclyde Uni, on Rottenrow (Top Floor Common Room). I have no idea if it's still there as I left Glasgow in 1989 (sadly.) The Dunny was a great wee bar with snug seating and frequent sing-songs. A proper pub. We got temporarily banned for singing The Wild Rover, which must have upset somebody's sensibilities! Happy memories. You haven't enjoyed a Glasgow pub until you've been barred from it... Cheers....


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