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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Right Half.

16-18 George Street, Glasgow.


The Right Half

The Right Half. 1991.

It was shame to see this old Glasgow pub being demolished a few years ago.

There was a pub on this site away back in 1844, Alexander McKenzie was then landlord before pastry baker and spirit merchant James Gentles ran the premises for a short while.

In 1849 Alexander Fraser became the new owner, Mr Fraser lived with his wife Jane a few door away from the pub. He was born in Nairn in bonnie Scotland, he came to Glasgow at an early age to start as a publican in the city. Mr Fraser met his wife in Glasgow and had a large family, all of whom worked in the pub at some time, business prospered and other pubs were added to his small empire one at 36 Stirling Road and one at 1 Kings Cross, he was them known as a grocer and spirit merchant. With a good income Mr & Mrs Fraser moved home to Westercraigs, Dennistoun an exclusive address in the east end of the city. Locals in the area knew that if they went for a refreshment in Fraser's Bar they would get nothing but the best liquor available. Alexander's sons took over the business after his death and the family ran the pub until the 1960s.

In 1966 the pub was run by Colin Maxwell Brown jun the pub also had a name change, this is when it was called the Right Half. Mr Brown was a well known publican in the east end of the city in Bridgeton area having two pubs there, the Pop Inn at London Road at the corner of Fraser Street and the Regent Bar, London Road at the corner of West Street. He also ran a pub at St. Andrew's Road at Shields Road. William Brown took over the running of the pub until it closed a few years ago.

Right Half old

View of the Right Half. 1960s.

Right Half advert 1975

The Brown family advert 1975.


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