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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Glaswegian.

69-71 Bridge Street, corner of 152 Norfolk Street, Glasgow .G5 9JB.Tel: 01414291795.



The Glaswegian. 1991.

The last time I went into this pub I waited 10 minutes to be served, the barman in charge at the time was drinking behind the bar. I wasn't the only one who walked out as a result of bad manners and bad service. This is probably one of the worst pubs I have been in. Service terrible.

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Stevenson Taylors

Stevenson Taylor's. This photograph was taken from the 152 Norfolk Street entrance. 1933.

Stevenson Taylorsbuchanan

Stevenson Taylor's, corner of Buchanan Street and Parliamentary Road.

The Glaswegian has now closed down. The pub lost it's licence. It's about time as this pub was really badly run.

Stevenson Taylor advert

Stevenson Taylor's RN Liqueur Scotch Whisky Advert.

Glaswegian advert 1980s

1980's Advert.


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