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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


William Robin.

69 Norfolk Street, Gorbals.


William Robin's Bar Norfolk Street

William Robin's pub in the foreground.

This old pub was formerly owned by the Robin family sat at the corner of Norfolk and Warwick Streets, the founder of the business was Peter Robin who had pubs on the Gallowgate from as early as the 1840s, his son George Robin occupied premises in Gallowgate, Dundas Street, Princes Street and Norfolk Street.

Other pubs were added to their empire in 1888 this including a pub on Govan Street (Ballater Street) this old pub became known as the Commercial Bar.

The name William Robin Spirit Vaults was now a family name and known all over the South Side of the city for good liquor.

When he died in 1912 his wife Edith took control of the business.

In 1937 wine & spirit merchant John McLean owned this old pub which was now called The Robin Bar. John stocked Kosher wines for weddings and Bar Mitzvans.


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