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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Minerva Bar.

631 Argyle Street, Anderston. formerly known as 91 Main Street, Anderston.

The Minerva Bar was situated at the corner of 2 Sharp's Lane, Anderston.

There has been a licence for these premises since 1855 when Wine & Spirit Merchant Malcolm Brown occupied the premises. Mr Brown resided in the next close from his place of business at 93 Main Street, Anderston.

Malcolm served the locals here until 1871. Andrew Spence then took over, he to lived in the next close which probably came with the pub.

The next licence holder was David McKay who took over in 1881. Over the next ten years a few other publicans help the certificate for the pub including John McDonald (1885), the first lady to hold the licence was Mrs M H Roger, a wine & Spirit Merchant who also ran a pub at Charing Cross, 63 North Street, (1890-1898), Hugh Cowan (1899), Andrew McLachlan (1902).

From 1904 until the 1950s William LLoyd was licensee. Mr LLoyd paid an annual rent of £95. Many will remember this old pub as LLoyd's named after the owner.

During the 1960s well known and respected member of the Scottish Licensed Trade Hugh Gallagher owned the pub. Mr Gallagher also ran Gallagher's Bar, 185 Gorbals Street, 173 Cumberland Street, 32 Raglan Street and later the Govanhill Bar.

Mr Hugh Gallagher with friends James McCready and Eddie Boyle.

Left to right, Friends, Hugh Gallagher, unknown publican, James McCready and Edward (Eddie) Boyle. Thanks to Tich Keltie for the image.

Do you know who the unknown man is. If so please get in touch.


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