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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Morrison's Bar.

Main Street Street, Cambuslang, Glasgow. G72.


Interior of Morrison's Bar 1968

At the reopening of Morrison's Bar- front row, Mrs J Morrison, jun; Mrs Laurie; Mrs J Morrison, sen; Mrs R Williamson, The Viking Bar, Rutherglen; and Mrs E Prosser, off sales, Cambuslang. back row, James Anderson, Dewar's; R McLeish, George Morton Ltd; Yuill A. Irvine, Johnnie Walker; D M Ferguson, Mackinlay-McPherson Ltd; C A Chambers, Cutty Sark; J T Ferrier, Cambuslang; and S Stein, Shopfitter. Ozzie Prosser 3rd on the right.

In the summer of 1968 Morrison's Bar went back into business.

Executives from many drinks firms met in Cambuslang at the re-opening of one of the town's longest established public houses.

Four months after it was destroyed by fire, Morrison's Bar in Main Street, opened again for business. The bar has been a popular local since 1931.

The licence-holder, Mr John Morrison, jun., president of the Cambuslang Licensed Trade Association, is in partnership was in partnership with his father, who started the business. Mr Morrison, sen., who worked for many years in Local Veto, had many of his trade friends present to toast the success of the New "Morrison's Bar."

Morrison's Bar interior 1968

At the bar, Mr Stuart Lang, Lang Brothers; Mr J Morrison, jun; Mr J Morrison, sen; and Alex Don, Dunn & Moore. 1968.

Interior of Morrison's Bar Cambuslang 1968

K Ford, Crawford's; G Thomson, Kackinlay-McPherson; D M Ferguson, Hugh Smith, Dewar's; John Christie, King George IV and W McIvor, Johnnie Walker. 1968.



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