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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Popes Eye Tavern.

31 Argyle Street, Glasgow.


Mr Walter Coombs 1895

Mr Walter Coombs proprietor of the Popes Eye Tavern. 1895.

Walter Coombs took over the Pope Eye Tavern in 1895.

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In 1902 Mr Coombs took over the popular Borgie Rest, Main Street, Cambuslang.

The Borgie Rest

The Borgie Rest on the right with the Swiss Rest and the Athletic Bar.

Walter had a special blend of old Scotch Whisky called "The Borgie" There is also an area called the Borgie in Cambuslang. Walter lived out here at Walter Bank house, Bushyhill. He was a keen Freemason and a member of the Order Oddfellow Manchester Unity, a steward in Lodge Commercial and a keen golfer.

Mr Walter Coombs 1903

Mr Walter Coombs. 1903.

The Borgie Rest

Another view of the Borgie Rest which is on the left. Note the tram which is full of people.

borgie rest

The Borgie Rest on the right.

The Borgie Rest tenanted by Walter Coombs, proprietor of the Pope’s Eye has been entered by burglars. Admittance had been secured from the neighbouring close, by removing part of the brick partition, a most dangerous proceeding since there are 2 flats of dwellings above, and the shop is situated in the main street. About one hundred yards from the police station. A sum of 30/- was abstracted from the drawer, the rest of the cash having been removed to the safe, while a quantity of whisky and drinkables were stolen. The thieves out of revenge turned on every available tap, with the result that fully £1000 worth of stock was wantonly destroyed. The premises were unfortunately uninsured against burglary.


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