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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Moy.

3-5 Florence Street, Gorbals, Glasgow.


The Moy

This old Gorbals public house was originally owned by William Brechin jun in 1880 until 1930.

William Brechin & Son owned some of the best pubs in the city of Glasgow. William Brechin owned pubs on New City Road, Aikenhead Road at the corner of Calder Street now the Mire Bar and two pubs on the Gallowgate one at the corner of Graham Square the Tappit Hen and the other near the Barras at 170-74 Gallowgate. His son owned a pub on Govan Street now Ballater Street at the corner of South Wellington Street now Lawmoor Street and a pub on Candleriggs, many will remember this old pub as Granny Blacks.

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