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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Broon's Bar.

437 Aikenhead Road, Glasgow. G42 0PR.Tel: 01414236389.


Broon's Bar

Broon's. 1991.

William Brechin & Son owned this old established pub way back in 1881. Situated at the corner of Aikenhead Road and Calder Street this pub is now known as the Mire. To read more on William Brechin click here.

It's sad to see this old public house demolished. 2009.

The chip shop beside the pub left ovens on which overheated and burned down the whole corner building. Oddly enough the sandwich shop beside the Mire Bar which also was demolished after the flames destroyed it moved to the Spur Bar premises and completely destroyed the pub inside and out.

Thanks to Laurence Buchanan for this.


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