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Old Trades Inn.

2 Main Street, Pollokshaws .later Shawbridge Street.

The Old Trades Inn, 2 Main Street, Pollokshaws was owned by Thomas Wilson in the late 1880s. He was born in East Wemyss, Fifeshire in 1837. When he was a boy he entered the services of Messrs. Robert & Thomas Hutcheson, corn merchants, Kirkcaldy He only remained in this situation for a few years, when he found an opening in the offices of the Highland Railway Company, where he remained for six years. He was at this time stationed at Inverness.

Mr Thomas Wilson 1895

Mr Thomas Wilson. President of the Wine and Spirit Trades' Association, Kirkintilloch. 1895.

Mr Wilson gained considerable experience in the development of roads and land engineering, resolved to strike forth on his own account and began business as road contractor.

A clear proof of his abilities in this department was the Killiecrankie Pass road, so well known to tourists. Wishing to widen his knowledge, he went to England, where he prosecuted several large contracts with marked success. He thought he would try his hand at another trade and in course bought a spirit shop which he kept for nearly ten years.

When he returned to Glasgow, he secured the licence of the Old Trades Inn, Pollokshaws, where he remained for eight years. He afterwards went to Kirkintilloch, where he bought a public house around 1885. Ten years later, Mr Wilson was president of the Wine and Spirit Trades Association in Kirkintilloch.

In his spare time he was an active bowler, however his special hobby was breeding of golden poles, a pair of which obtained the first prize at the bird and poultry show in Kirkintilloch. In manner Mr Wilson was very frank, but was never lacking in his attention to business, or his duty in other quarters. He was very popular businessman in the district with many friends in all social circles.

When Thomas left for Kirkintilloch the Old Trades Inn was taken over by wine and spirit merchant Thomas Logan. In the early 1890s Mr Logan was living close by at 27 Pollok Street. The Old Trades Inn was already closed down by the early 1900s.


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