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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Pinkston Bar.

480 Keppochhill Road, Springburn, Glasgow. G21 1HY.


Pinkston Bar

Pinkston Bar. 1991.

Opened in the summer of 1889 by well known publican Timothy Warren. Mr Warren opened his first public house in 1876 at Henderson Street, Maryhill Road. Other pubs were added to his empire shortly afterwards in Dunchattan Street, Kelvin Street, Clyde Street, Anderston and Scotia Street.

The name above the doorway was Timothy Warren & Sons, the family business pinned their faith on Castle Ales and a notable feature at Warren's was the care taken to ensure that all draught beer was supplied from the cask to the customer in perfect condition. To ensure this their pubs were kept up to date with the latest beer rising and pipe systems available, silver counter founts were also a feature.

In 1892 Timothy Warren Wine & Spirit Merchant, got liberty to erect a four-storey building for shops and dwelling houses on the north side of New Keppochhill Road.

In 1899 the rent for the premises were £28.00 per annum. Mr Warren's sons Thomas and Charles took over the running of the business after his death.

The Keppochhill Road business was sold in the 1930s to Sydney Duthie, he sold it on in 1938 to Norah Dorrian. The premises were extended in 1955 taking over adjoining property and converting it into an up to date lounge and cocktail bar.

Australian walnut panelling in the lower portion of the walls was used in the cocktail bar and the new gantry. Ample seating accommodation was provided this included fixed wall seats upholstered in Dunlopillo. Tables and the bar counter were topped with Formica. In the decorative gantry effective use was made of sun tan vitroflex and glass shelves. The lounge was compact and cosy. Mr Dorrian assisted his wife in the running of the bar and their son Mr A Dorrian was in charge of the cocktail bar.

Pinkston interior

Mrs Norah Dorrian standing with her husband Mr A Dorrian and their son. On the right is Mr W Bailie, shopfitter and at the rear is Mr C Dundas, Barman. 1955.


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