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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Press Bar.

199 Albion Street, Glasgow. G1 1RU. Tel: 0141 552 5142.


The Press Bar

The Press Bar. 1991.

Opened in 1937 by Mr Thomas McEntee. It was originally called the Express Bar when the Scottish Daily Express occupied the building next door. The pub was then packed with workers from these offices during and after work. The family still occupy the bar which is still popular with journalists, students and working men.

Thomas McEntee was a champion golfer winning many trophy's cups and awards. Tom was one of the oldest publicans in the City of Glasgow to win a golf tournament at the age of 85, winning the Queen Anne Rose Bowl presented to him by Captain of the Glasgow Vintners Gold Club Peter Smith in 1969.

When Tom passed away he left the pub to his three sons, Leo, Gerald and Desmond, the licence was transferred to his son Gerald who served the locals in the Express Bar for many years.

Both Leo and Gerald have since passed away. After Gerald's death the pub was sold to Vincent McEntee (Leo's Son). Desmond still works from time to time behind the bar when his nephew is on holiday.

Desmond is a real Glasgow Character and is one of the very few people who still takes snuff, even when he is serving you a pint of beer. Desmond is now retired from the trade, he is still missed by many of his locals who having been drinking at the bar since his father owned it.

Vincent McEntee still runs this popular bar today.

Tom McEntee

Left to right A Ferry, The Alamo, J Devlin, Oxford Bar, Tom McEntee, Express Bar, C Sweeney, Arlington Bar at the Glasgow Vintners Gold Club function 1966.

Tom McEntee

85 year old Tom McEntee being presented with the Queen Anne Rose Bowl at the Glasgow Vintners Gold Club dinner. 1969. Left to right H McLaughlin, Ascot Bar, Ian Kennedy, Morven Bar, A McDonald, Firhill Bar, Tom McEntee, Express Bar, J Devlin, Oxford Bar, Peter Smith, Sheddens Bar, J McKenna, Top Spot, J Dillon, Dominion Bar, T Ferrie, The Alamo.

Tom McEntee6

Players of the Glasgow Vintners Golf Club at Belleisle Course, Ayr. Winners of the Calder Rose Bowl was Tom McEntee, Malcolm Kennedy, James Rice and Dan McCrudden. Lunch and high tea were taken at the Belleisle Hotel. Mr A Lyons, secretary of the golf club was responsible for the arrangements. On the return journey a stop at the Athole Arms, Ayr was spent, John Ward captain of the club acted as host to the company. The members received a warm welcome from Mr W B Anderson former Glasgow publican and president of the Royalty Burns Club was assistant manager in the Athole Arms. This photograph was taken by publican Mr Joseph Kelly of the Manx Bar. 1951.

Tom McEntee4

Left to right Gerald McEntee, Express Bar, D Ferrie, The Bells, Bar, Ian Kennedy, Morven Bar, Peter Smith, Sheddens, A Hanlon, R Mahan, Lomond Lounge, B McLaughlan, Town Tavern. 1962.

Tom McEntee2

Tom McEntee.


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