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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Robert Jaferay's Wine & Spirit Cellars.

105 Stockwell Street, Glasgow.


Robert Jaferay's Wine & Spirit Cellar Stockwell Street

Robert Jaferay's Wine & Spirit Cellar. c 1820.

Empty casks and barrels outside cottages occupied by a cooper and a tavern keeper at 105 Stockwell Street, Glasgow, c 1820. The row was on the east side of the street, nearly opposite Jackson Street, on the former site of the Glasgow Cattle Market.

A sign above the door on the building on the left identifies Robert Jaferay's Wine & Spirit Cellar, and above it the home of W Grant. On the neighbouring building there is a sign for Alexander Young. In front of the building is the Stock well, opened in 1638 and encased in a protective wooden structure. Behind, towering above the scene is the Merchants' Steeple in the Bridgegate. Thanks to the Mitchell Library.


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