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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Rothesay Bar.

14 Pitt Street, Glasgow.

There has been licensed premises here since 1859. Over the years many wine and spirit merchants have come and gone including David Anderson 1959-1864; Thomas Murphy 1865; Nicol Clark 1866; Peter McBride 1872-1873; George McGregor 1874-75; 1880 Joshua Pearson; 1895 Mrs J Turner; Donald Stewart 1900. Donald paid an annual rent of £65.

In 1910 John Porter was licensee, when John passed away his wife Janet took over the licence in 1910 and continued to run the pub until after WW1. The name of the pub then was "The Tweenie Bar."

1925 John J Byran was the licence holder followed by Patrick Leonard who took over in 1930. Patrick also had a public House at 124 Crown Street, Gorbals known as the Wheatsheaf Bar. Patrick left Pitt Street in 1938.

In 1938 Mr Charles William Brennan was running the pub. In 1945 Mr Brennan left the pub and Patrick Vincent O'Kane took over.

Patrick Vincent O'Kane's brother Thomas was also a publican he owned O'Kane's in London Road then O'Kane's in Westmuir Street, Parkhead.

Patrick continued here until the late 1950s.

Another well known publican to own this pub was Patrick Carr. Mr Carr also had a public house called Carr's Bar, 33 Duke Street. Many will remember this old pub as the Lampost.


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