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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Wheatsheaf.

124 Crown Street corner of 105 Rutherglen Road, Gorbals, Glasgow.

exterior view of the Wheatsheaf bar 124 Crown Street

The Wheatsheaf Bar, corner of Crown Street and Rutherglen Road. 1960s.

There has been licensed premises on this site since the 1840s.

One of the first licensee's was wine and spirit merchant Robert Frame, he traded here until 1859.

In 1860 well known and respected John McLean acquired the licence. Mr McLean was a wine & spirit & malt liquor merchant, he also had premises at 9 Main Street, Gorbals, living at 318 Rutherglen Road.

In 1877 John McLean had premises at 9 Main Street, Gorbals, 124 Crown Street, 45-47 Houston Street and lived with his family at Mary Lodge, Langside.

In 1899 John's son Robert A McLean was licensee, he also had premises at 1039-1043 Pollokshaws Road (Corona Bar), 9 Main Street, 79 Crown Street, his home was at Cart Bank, Langside. All his premises had His name above the Door. As years went on some of his bars were just called Mac's Bar's.

The pub stayed in the same family until 1909. The licence was then taken over by James A Paton. Mr Paton wine and spirit merchant continued as licensee until his death in 1918. His wife Helen then took over the running of the business. The Paton family continued here until the late 1930s.

In 1937 Patrick Leonard acquired the certificate. He also owned a public house at 14 Pitt Street.

During the 50s Miss K E Finnegan was licensee, the 60s Margaret M MacDonald, she also ran a pub at 106 Gorbals Street. The licence was held until the late 1960s and like many of the old pubs in the area was demolished.


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