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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Snaffle Bit sign

The Snaffle Bit.

979 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow. G3 7TQ. Tel: 01413397163.


Snaffle Bit

The Snaffle Bit. 1991.

In 1960 Francis Robert Campbell obtained a licence to sell wine, beer & spirits at their new premises 979 Sauchiahall Street.

When the Second World War ended Mr Campbell took over the Snaffle Bit, Howard Street, which was formerly owned by John Thomson. Francis left the pub in Howard Street in 1960, the old pub was then taken over by Joseph Dodds.

Mr Campbell then removed to Sauchiehall Street where he traded for many years. When Francis Campbell passed away in 1981 his son Ewan took over the running of the pub.

The Snaffle Bit was named by John Scouller who owned some of the best known pubs in the city of Glasgow, including the Horse Shoe Bar, Drury Street and the Spur Bar, Polmadie. All his pubs had horse themes with horse shoes everywhere, photographs of horses hung on the walls, Scouller was one of the first men in Scotland to have a horse shoe shaped bar.

Snaffle Bit interior1

Left to right Mr J Hilson, Francis Campbell. This photograph was taken at the opening of the new lounge at the Snaffle Bit, Howard Street. Mr Hilson was the oldest drinking customer in the pub, he was a regular patron on the premises since 1910, he was a news vender at the corner of St Enoch Square and used to pop in for a quick one in between serving his customers.

Snaffle Bit interior

The group of guests at the opening of the new lounge at the Snaffle Bit, Howard Street which included a number of trade personalities.

Francis Campbell group

Licensed trade outing 1957. left to right T Doherty of Joseph Dunn Bottlers, Mrs Doherty, Mrs McCarry, Francis Campbell, Snaffle Bit, J Foy of John Jeffrey & Co Ltd, Mr McCarry, Mrs Francis Campbell, John Kennedy, Morven Bar.

snaffle bit interior snaffle bit interior1

Various photographs of the Snaffle Bit. 2005.

snaffle bit in snaffle bit interior5

Interior view of the lounge bar.

snaffle bit interior2

Mr Ewan Campbell pouring a pint for one of the locals.

interior view of lounge

When I called at the Snaffle Bit owner Ewan Campbell was very pleasant so was the numerous locals. This is a friendly pub where you can get a good pint or a dram of whisky. If your interested in a social pub in the area of sauchiehall Street and the Mitchell Library this is a must, you have to give this pub a long visit. In short this is a great sociable pub with no bother of drunks or neds.

Cheers to Mr Campbell and the locals.

Snaffle Bit Sauchiehall Street

The Snaffle Bit. 2008.

The Snaffle Bit 2008

The Snaffle Bit. 2008.

The Snaffle Bit Sauchiehall Street 2008

The Snaffle Bit. 2008.

2011 update...

The Snaffle Bit is now owned by Belhaven Brewery.


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