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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Spur Bar.

296 Polmadie Road, Glasgow. G42 0PH. Tel: 01414239528.


Spur Bar

The Spur Bar. 1991.

The Spur Bar was opened by John Scouller in 1877. Mr Scouller also owned the Snaffle Bit, Howard Street and the Horse Shoe Bar, Drury Street. To read more on Mr Scouller and his popular bars click here.

Johnny Bonnar was involved in this pub at one time.

I got an phone call 10th November 2008 from Mr Willy Gallagher stating that he passed the Spur Bar at the weekend and noticed that the Spur Bar was now closed for good. The wood panelling outside the pub with the horse shoe's and whips have been destroyed and is now a cafe.

Another reminder of the state of the licensed trade in the country.


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