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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Squirrell Bar.

36 Stevenson Street, Calton, Glasgow. G40 2ST. Tel: 01415522551.


The Squirrell Bar

The Squirrell Bar. 1991.

There has been a pub on this site since 1857 run by landlady Mrs B Fletcher who served the locals here for over 10 years. Stevenson Street was then called New Street.

By 1870 the premises were occupied by David Philips who also ran pubs in Marlborough Street and Rutherglen Road in the south side of the city. David and his wife lived in East Russell Street before moving to Whitehill Street off the Gallowgate in the east end of Glasgow, where they has a family of two daughters, Mary and Catherine, David lost his wife during child birth, she was only in her 20s when she died. Young Mr Philips was only 28 years of age. He had a difficult job of trying to bring up his baby daughters and run a pub at the same time so he had no choice but to employ a servant Mary Ann O'Neil who looked after the children while he worked the pubs. David continued as licensee till 1887.

Patrick Clancy then took over the pub, Clancy also ran pubs in the city, one at Stobcross Street and the other at Burnside Street and continued to serve the locals in New Street until 1902.

Edward Gillan then took over this very successful business, he died in 1915 by such times David McNally run the pub before Mary Hamill McNally took over the licence as trustee. Over the next 50 years the pub was still in the same family.

In 1973 Josephine McMenamin McNulty held the licence. The Squirrell has for many years been a football pub, when Celtic are playing at Parkhead this popular Calton hostelry is jam packed to the doors. This pub was then called the Wee Squirrell.

The Squirrell Bar 2005

The Squirrel Bar, August 2005.


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