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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Stevenson Street. formerly called Kirk Street, Calton.

5 Pub found.
John McPhail's bar. 280
Squirrell Bar. 36
Tara Bar. 256-58
Unity Vaults. 93
The Oddfellows, 74 Kirk Street.

In 1847 Kirk Street had 11 Licensed premises including 5 Kirk Street owned by John Carrol, 18 Kirk Street had 2 pubs one owned by Peter Gray & Co., the other was owned by publican Patrick Hogg, 22 Kirk Street owned by William Black, 23 Kirk Street owned by Gavin Hamilton, 43 Kirk Street was owned by Alexander Lang, 52 Kirk Street was owned by Andrew Calter, 55 Kirk Street was owned by Hugh Connell, 74 Kirk Street was owned by George McKay, 87 Kirk Street owned by Thomas Barclay, 89 Kirk Street owned by James Burrett.

In 1899 there were three pubs on Kirk Street number 20-22 Kirk Street was owned by well-known eastend publican Peter White, 93 Kirk Street was the Unity Vaults owned by Daniel Hughes and 99 Kirk Street was owned by Alexander Bouik. The rest of the pubs came under Stevenson Street number 1. owned by Annie Blackadder, 7 owned by William Taylor another well-known family of Spirit Merchants in the Calton area, 8. owned by James Sharp, 14. owned by Robert Hemphill who traded there since 1888, 29-31 owned by renowned publican Archibald Bulloch Graham, 55 owned by William Ure, 56 owned by Margaret Aylmer, 68. was owned by Mrs Catherine Armour a well-known family in the Calton area, 78 owned by William McLennan.


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