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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Stockwell Street.

19 Pubs found.

Andrew Purdon's Tavern.
Balmoral the. 30
Clan Inn.
Clans Tavern. 158
Clutha Vaults the. 169
Cross Key's. 39
Imperial Vaults. 25
J C Galloway. 19
John Scott's Tavern.
Kitty's Bar. 30
Merchant the. 169
New French Horn Tavern. 11
Penny Ales.
Popinjay. 169
Robert Jaferay's Wine & Spirit Cellar.
Ronnie's Bar. 30
Scotia the. 112
Sherry's Bar.122
Wee Manns. 169

So late as 1750 the head of the Stockwell, where the Trongate ended was the western extremity of the City of Glasgow. The old West Port marking the boundary. Outside of this gate a market for the sale of cattle was held on the open road. On the south side of the street adjoining what became Dunlop Street was a Malt Kiln or Barn, and on the opposite side, near what was afterwards Virginia Street, was a small thatched hostelry for drovers.

A Malt Kilns or Barnswith a one-storey thatched house here and there, occured along the road, which was called St Tennoch's gate or the Dumbarton Road. The last to disappear of these old buildings was a thatched Malt Barn and Kiln, which stood back from the roadway at the foot of Mitchell Street. It was taken down about the year 1830.

The first mansion built in this rural locality was erected by Provost Murdoch on the south side of the road, and nearly opposite the farm house just mentioned "Queen Street-Cow Lone." This mansion afterwards became the Bucks Head Inn.

Stockwell Street water-colour

Stockwell Street on the right with the Great Clyde Street on the left.


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