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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Tavern Bar.

115 Finnieston Street corner of 272 Stobcross Street, Glasgow.

The Tavern 115 Finnieston Street corner of 272 Stobcross Street

The Tavern, corner of 115 Finnieston Street and 272 Stobcross Street.

This image was taken just before it was demolished in 1964.

There has been a pub on this site since 1858, when spirit dealer Matthew Quin acquired a licence for the premises. Matthew only lasted a few years in business and the pub seems to have closed for a few years.

In 1865 Charles Howard was licensee, again he only lasted a few years in business and by 1868 John F Muir was holding the licence. Mr Muir lived at 6 Finnieston Street and continued in the licensed trade here until 1880.

In 1881 Mrs S Loughran was the licence holder. Mrs Loughran lived at 55 London Street, Glasgow Cross before moving to 201 Dumbarton Road nearer to her place of business. She was also the licensee of a public house at 26 Elderslie Street (St Vincent Bar). Her husband Michael Loughran owned these pubs and his wife was licence holder.

When Mr Loughran died around 1898, John King became licensee and one of the trustees of his estate. John King was also licensee of the Plough Bar at 222 Stobcross Street.

In 1900 William John Loughran took over the running of the business and became the new licensee. William was probably Michael's son. William continued as licensee until 1919. In 1920 Janie Mary Carr Loughran was now the licensee, she is probably William's wife. Janie also owned the Plough in Stobcross Street.

From 1881 to the early 1950s the pub stayed in the Loughran family.

In 1953 Peter Calder was the licensee of this old pub followed by Mr Anthony Kennedy from 1955 to the early 1960s. The pub was demolished in 1964.


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