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226 Great Western Road, Glasgow, G4 9EJ. Tel: 01413323532.


Wintersgill's. 1991.

This was originally Samuel Dow's establishment. To read the full history click here.

Many will still remember this old pub as the Andros Bar, during the 1970s.

Samuel Dow old

Samuel Dow's old pub.

Celtic fame Jim Brogan owned this pub, he now owned the Victoria Bar, Kilmarnock Road in the southside of the city.

In the News 1974...

Andros Bar Great Western Road 1974

Over goes this massive pile of coins collected by the customers of the Andros Bar, 266 Great Western Road, Glasgow.

Pushing them over is Ronnie Glavin, captain of Patrick Thistle F.C., ; second from the left. The picture also includes Mr. Andrew Ross, licensee of the Andros (right of pillar), and next to him Mr. P. McAllister, manager.

The amount of money in the pile, £333.18, goes to boost the Sick Children's Outing organised by Glasgow taxi drivers. 1974.


In the NEWS 1976...

Andros Bar, Great Western Road, breaks a world record.

Pile of Pennies breaks a world record.

Pat McAllister manager of the Andros Bar 1975

The pile of coins represents more than £1,181 and standing delightedly on the counter (which had to be specially shored up to take the weight of money) is the Andros Bar, manager Pat McAllister.

A Glasgow public house has broken into the Guinness Book of Records with a massive 8ft. high pile of coins weighing 8cw. and amounting to £1,181 68p, a world record. Previous record in the Guinness Book of Records was for £1,100 22p, in 1973.

The pile was built up over a period of 50 weeks in the Andros Bar of Mr. Andrew Ross, 226 Great Western Road, by manager Pat McAllister. The bulk of the money was donated in 2p coins by patrons, with Mr. McAllister's wife doing most of the collecting. The staff of 16 also helped by donating their tips.

The money has gone to the Glasgow Taxi Men's Sick Children's Outing Fund, by whom the Andros Bar has been presented with a silver cup, with a personal trophy for the owner and the manager.

The toppling over ceremony was performed by TV personality Bill Tennent. After the ceremony a group of 60 invited guests, including many customers, were entertained to a meal and refreshments by Mr. Ross. Included among the guests were Mr. Jack Baillie, area sales manager, Guinness; Mr. George Brown, area representative, Guinness; Mr. Andrew Bell, Glasgow manager, John Walker and sons; and Mr. Malcolm Fraser, area manager, Tennent Caledonian Breweries.

In beating the record, Andros Bar did so within a stipulated period, one calendar year. There had been no stipulated period for the previous record. 1976.


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