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MacSorley's Review.

42 Jamaica Street, Glasgow. G1 4QG.Tel: 0141 248 8581.

3.5 star rating

MacSorley's Bar Jamaica Street

The exterior of the pub is very inviting. Fantastic etched windows like no other. When you walk inside you can see part of the original flooring. You can even see where the old horseshoe bar would have been. By moving the bar back 7 Foot, there is more room for drinkers!

There is always something to see with live music 7 nights a week. There is a wide range of drinks available as well as their very own ale !The drink prices are average for the town so definitely worth a visit.

There are clean toilets downstairs with hot water. The only criticisms we had with our visit was that one of the toilet seats had been pulled off and there was no paper towels.

MacSorley's has some lovely fresh food available for very reasonable prices. I love the fact that the owners of this pub take pride in their history and have a very friendly personal approach with their customers. That is quite rare these days.

All in all, this pub is a great wee drinking hole.

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