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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Imperial Bar Review.

6 Howard Street, Glasgow. G1 4AZ.Tel: 01412218217.

November 2015.

The Imperial Bar Howard Street image

The exterior of the pub has been recently been updated and is still fresh. When we walked into the pub we noticed that the pub has not changed very much.

The paintwork inside was recently done and looked very clean. The Imperial bar was taken over my “Perfect Pub Company” over 2 years ago.

We spoke to the Manager Yvonne Rooney. Yvonne was really helpful and didn't mind having a chat about the pub and it's history.

The stained glass panels that were on display in the windows have now been moved to the back of the pub, around 10ft high. The panels look really great on display with the lighting. The old sign Columbia is not on display but, is currently downstairs. The owners are going to clean it up and put it back on display.

Entertainment-wise There are two TVs at either side of the gantry that has BT Sports.

The gents toilet was small but, had everything it needed. Soap, hot water, toilet paper and hand dryer. The only complaint about the toilet was the smell.

There is no dedicated smoking area (Outside front door)

The price of drink was reasonable for the city centre. Malt of the Month (Shieldaig) is £2.00 House whisky (Whyte & Mackay) - £1.70 Bottle of Corona £2.50

In conclusion, The Imperial Bar has come along leaps and bounds and it show's as the pub is a lot busier than it was in the past.

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