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142a St. Vincent Street, Glasgow., G2Tel: 0141 221 5660.



Carnegie's. 1991.

Carnegie's chain of pubs were so popular in the city fifteen years ago, there was also Carnegie's in West George Street, Waterloo Street and Cambridge Street.

Over ther years this place has been known under different names. In 1970 it was called The Cellar.

The Cellar Advert 1970

The Cellar Advert 1970.


In the NEWS 1979...

The Midas Touch...

Midas St Vincent Street advert 1979

On March 15 1979 two Scots businessmen, Brian McVey and Andrew Hamilton, opened the Midas pub at 142a St. Vincent Street, near Hope Street.

And in two short weeks the city centre pub has become popular not only with workers from surrounding offices but also with shoppers looking for a quiet spot to relax in.

As you would expect with a name like Midas, there's quite a bit of gold about in the pub. The huge bar is brass, the bar stools are gold plated and the waitresses all wear gold waistcoats.

Interior designer George Flett chose green as the other main colour, the walls are green, the angular seating is in green velvet and the carpeting is green.


The Midas is one of the most relaxing pubs I've ever been in, partly due to the beautiful pot plants and vases of fresh daffodils dotted throughout. It is also very spacious.

Although the Midas serves food, Brian McVey, whose wife Eileen is licensee, is insistent that it isn't a restaurant. "We don't serve steaks in exotic sauces. Our food is good natural food," he said.

Fish plays an important part in the menu. Dishes vary from pickled herring to fresh salmon. Other dishes include pates,roast beef and quiches. There is also a lunch platter which comprises a side salad, baked potato with butter and hot French bread, all for the pricely sum of 50p.

"Our menu is priced in such a way that customers can spend only 50p on the platter or £4 for a half lobster," Mr McVey said. The lobster comes fresh from the pots off Arran. Andrew Hamilton also owns the well-known Lagg Hotel on the holiday island and he sets them.

"At the moment we are serving meals up until 3 p.m. but this is purely an experiment and if necessary we will extend this," said Mr McVey.

Midas St Vincent Street advert 1979

Advert from 1979.


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