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Eadie Family.

The Railway Tavern, Main Street, Cambuslang, Glasgow. G72.


Mr W Austen L Eadie Cambuslang 1958

Mr W Austen L Eadie. Son of the founder of the Cambuslang Association William Eadie. Photo taken 1958.

Interior view of the Tavern Cambuslang

Interior view of the Tavern, Cambuslang. 1950.

The Cambuslang Licensed Trade Defence Association was brought into being in 1919 when it became obvious that a Local Veto poll was impending. Strenuous efforts were made, but in spite of everything the infant Association lost the day, and the village went "DRY" in 1920. It stayed like that until 1925, when a happier result was secured at the Polls.

Since then the Association has never looked back; its membership total of 26 in 1958 had remained pretty constant throughout the years.

The Association was greatly helped by the presence of some distinguished figures in the Trade. Its founder for instance was Mr William Eadie a name that was to become even more noted. He was helped by a chartered accountant, Mr J Gardner Guthrie. Mr Guthrie was the Association's first secretary. One should really say the first and only, for, nearly forty years later Mr Guthrie was still the Association's secretary.

In 1958 the present presidential chair was Mr Hugh G Chapman. He took the chair after the First World War and before that he was president of the Rutherglen Association.

Mr W Austen L Eadie is of course the son of the founder of the Association, and in addition to his Trade record he is well known in football and racing circles and is a keen golfer.

There was another keen sportsman on the Management Committee of the Association, Mr John Morrison. He was an international bowler and a past captain of the local bowling club. He played bowls indoors in the winter months and outdoors in the summer. He was formerly president of the Cambuslang Association and a member of the Scottish Managing Committee.

Of the colleagues, Mr James Jarron was a newcomer to the town, though he came from a well-known Trade family. His father once held a licence in Broomielaw. Mr T L Carrigan belonged to one of the oldest families in the Trade in Cambuslang and succeeded his father in the business.

Cambuslang group photo 1950

This photograph was taken at the Cambuslang function in January 1950. Seated Mr J Morrison, president has Mrs Eadie on his right. Hugh Chapman back row second on the left. Mr Eadie back row second on the right.

The buffet dance held in the local Institution by the Cambuslang Licensed Trade Association on Friday, 20th January, 1950, was a happy and successful affair, some 200 guests attended. An ornamental fountain in the ballroom and a series of fairy lights were novel features and the buffet, beautifully purveyed and serviced by Messrs Hastie & Co., proved an added attraction. Guests were welcomed by the Association president Mr John Morrison, who also made appreciative reference to the floral decorations by John Cameron & son and to the electrical light and fountain display produced by W B Robinson & Co'; plumbers.

Among the guests were Mr J C McIlwraith, secretary of the Hamilton Association, and Mrs Bell, Shotts; Mr J H Anderson; Dr Hutcheson; with representatives of well-known firms, Messrs Haig, Lang. Tennents, Grants, McEwan, Fowler's and Packhams all being presented. A specially welcome guest was Mrs Eadie, of Cambuslang. The arrangement for the function were in the hands of the president and Messrs Austin L Eadie, Carrigan, Chapman and Mrs McGinley. The music was supplied by Macarthur's Band.

Interior view of the Tavern 1950

Interior view of the Tavern. 1950.

Alterations were made to the Tavern in 1953. This attractive new lounge bar with its unique atmosphere has been a very popular innovation in Cambuslang. The general scheme has been carried out in oak. In place of the mirrors a painted panel was incorporated in the upper part of the back fitting. The fixed seating had been carried out in red hide with stools to match. The special lighting incorporates ceiling top lights and wall brackets. Another outstanding feature of the time was a large stone insert above the fireplace on which is carved a replica of the old Railway Tavern which stood on the same site one hundred years ago.

The new alterations were carried out by Gaskell & Chambers Ltd, Bar Fitters. They had offices in Argyle Street, Glasgow and Howe Street, Edinburgh, London, Bristol, Cardiff, Hanley, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle-on-Tyne, Nottingham, Portsmouth, Preston, Sheffield, head-office in Birmingham.

Mr Eadie with Army firends 1944

This group of Army soldiers was taken in Italy, October 1944.

Fifth from the right in the front row is Captain William Austen L Eadie the youngest son of Mr & Mrs William Eadie, Cairndene, Cambuslang.

The Eadie family have had licensed premises at the Railway Tavern and The Cross, Cambuslang since the year 1818, truly a remarkable family history, and for over twenty years have been the licensees of the Balmoral Bar, 768 London Road, Glasgow.

Captain Eadie volunteered for service with the Army on 4th September, 1939, and commenced his military career as a gunner with an anti-aircraft corps. He saw much service during the historic Battle of Britain in the south of England, and ultimately rose to be Battery Sergeant-Major.

He received his commission in the R.A.S.C. in 1942, and served with them in Tunisia, and was in Italy when this photograph was taken.

Before the War Captain Eadie was President of Cambuslang Licensed Trade Defence Association, and took a keen and active interest in Trade affairs.

He is also well-known in the realms of junior football and was President of the popular Cambuslang Rangers Football Club, when they won the Scottish Cup in 1938 after trying for this for over forty years.

William Eadie, Cairdene, Station Square was situated on the Main Street close to the junction of West Coats Road and was replaced in the early 1900s by the estate known as Hillside Terrace. Mr Eadie owned this estate.


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