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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan



1046 Gallowgate, Glasgow.



McLaren's bar was situated at the corner of Gallowgate and Holywell Street. It was originally Great Eastern Road and Holywell Street was called East Hope Street.

In 1880 James Fraser was licensee for this popular Camlachie public house. In 1897 William Wilson Walker took over the licence, he also ran a licensed grocers business in Crown Street, Gorbals.

When Mr Wilson died in 1906 his wife Mary took over the licence, her daughter Isabella then took over the certificate in 1922. When she was married a few years late,r her name was changed to McLaren, that's when the name of the pub was changed. The family still ran this pub until the Second World War.

After the war James Millen took over the licence, he ran it until it was closed down for demolition around 1960.

Many will remember this old pub as being called the Mill Inn.

To read more on the pubs on the Gallowgate read up & Doon the Gallowgate by John Gorevan. A copy can be bought for a few pounds at the Hielan Jessie on the Gallowgate or contact me at john@oldglasgowpubs.co.uk


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