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The Cabin Bar.

258 Gallowgate, Glasgow. G4 0TU.Tel: 01415521017.


The Cabin Bar

The Cabin Bar 1991.

This bar is probably the smallest in Glasgow. Situated at the corner of the Gallowgate and Gibson Street and next to the old Barrowland Ballroom. Like many of the pubs in the area they depend on passing trade when the barras opens at the weekend.

There's been a pub on this site since at least 1819 occupied then by the Inglis family. The pubs has also been known in the past as the Cabin Vaults.

The Cabin 2005

The Cabin Bar 2005.

Update Tuesday 10th June 2009...

Glasgow's smallest public house closed down after a Fire.

The Cabin Bar has been badly damaged in a blaze. This popular bar at the corner of Gallowgate and Gibson Street in the east end of the city, is popular with Celtic fans, especially on match days. Visitors to the famous Barras market are known to got in for a pint or two.

The Fire broke out at 11 in the morning before the pub was open for trade, fortunately no-one was hurt. A Strathclyde Fire and rescue crew attended the scene rapidly and had the fire quickly under control. They then spent a few hours dampening down the premises. Investigations are continuing into the cause of the blaze. It is not known when the pub will be back in business.

Update 14/09/2013...

I popped into the Cabin Bar today to put some posters up for the Glasgow Doors Open Day. I also measured the pub the full size of the Cabin Bar is 19 feet 8 inches X 21 feet 2 inches. The bar itself is 7 feet by 11 feet 6 and a half inches. So if your local is smaller than this get in touch.

As far as I can see this is the smallest pub in the city of Glasgow.

To read more on the pubs on the Gallowgate read up & Doon the Gallowgate by John Gorevan. A copy can be bought for a few pounds at the Hielan Jessie on the Gallowgate or contact me at john@oldglasgowpubs.co.uk


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