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Baird's Bar.

226 Gallowgate, Glasgow. G4 0TS.Tel: 01415520276.


Bairds Bar

Bairds Bar 1991.

Bairds Bar 2005

Bairds Bar 2005.

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Up-to-date NEWS...


Over the last few years Bairds Bar has been in the news over drunkenness, violence, drugs. Today 9th February 2013 Bairds Bar is closed.

"Clean-up" claim pub is shut down...

Bairds faces licensing board for third time.

A Glasgow football pub has shut down after being summoned by the authorities for the third time in less than 18 months.

Bairds Bar, in Gallowgate was closed with immediate effect after claims staff cleaned up a crime scene before police arrived and following a drugs arrest on the premises.

Last year it received a written warning after a lock-in months after it had been banned from opening during the day.

Bairds had been ordered to provide extra stewarding when Celtic play and to serve drinks in toughened glass but was accused of ignoring these conditions. Any appeal or re-application will take many months.

At a hearing of Glasgow's Licensing Board, it was claimed that last September, on the day Scotland played Serbia, the police received a call from the ambulance service about an incident.

The police report said CCTV showed patrons involved in a "vicious attack" while staff make no attempt to separate them. The police added there was a 15-minute delay between the fight and a call for an ambulance.

The complaint adds: "Inquiries revealed that the bar staff had cleaned up the crime scene prior to police arriving."

There was no suggestion at the hearing that the staff had committed any offence.

The police also arrested a customer for carrying cocaine following complaints of drug dealing in the bar. Representing Bairds, lawyer Niall Hassard said staff were unaware they were clearing a crime scene.

But board chairman Malcolm Cunning said there had been "a pattern of incidents". He added: "From the CCTV footage what I saw an almost forensic clean-up.

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