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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Crazy Daisy.

510 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow.

Crazy Daisy's Advert 1975

Crazy Daisy advert. 1975.

Cabaret turns at city's newest pub / restaurant.

I first heard about Crazy Daisy about three weeks ago, and my immediate reaction was wonderment about the zany bird with the off-beat name. It was just as well I didn't give voice to the thought because it turns out that the Crazy Daisy is the newest pub and musical restaurant to open in Glasgow.

It is sited at Charing Cross, in the old Locarno Club premises. Although it has been opened for only about three weeks, they have feature singer Neville Taylor in cabaret and this week singer Ruby Carter is on stage. The place is owned by Mike and Kathy Kenna, who used to run the Dunny discotheque next door to the Metropole Theatre.

Crazy Daisy advert 1972

Crazy Daisy advert. 1972.

Open to the public

Mike tells me that he intends making the Crazy Daisy into one of the most swinging place in Glasgow. At the moment he is slightly afraid that people might think it is a club because of his association with the Dunny. "I would like everyone to know there is no membership here, and the place is open to the general public."

Mike is obviously keeping his future plans closely under wraps at the moment, but he has already dinner-dance-cabaret nights running on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. . From Monday he is starting to cater for business lunches. Nest week Maggie Mercer is on stage. Maggie has been resident singer at the Bruce Hotel, East Kilbride, for several years, and is a great favourite.

Incidentally, the vivacious curvaceous singer Lee Anthony will be at the Crazy Daisy every lunch time, but not as a singer. Lee will be helping out behind the bar.

In the News 1972...

The singers will be appearing in cabaret at the recently opened Crazy Daisy at Charing Cross, Glasgow, tonight and tomorrow. Since he appeared in Glasgow, Stephen has toured extensively throughout the Continent, in London, and on the club circuit in the north of England.

Incidentally the Crazy Daisy have started up a Saturday morning jazz session and this week they are featuring George McGowan and the City Centre Sound. They are also throwing in what they describe as a "pub nosh" which I understand is bits and pieces of this and that, if I make myself clear!


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