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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Two Ways.

1004 Argyle Street, Glasgow. Tel: 01412210947.


Two Ways

The Two Ways. 1991.

To read the full history of the Two Ways click here.


Two Ways 2007

The Two Way. 2007.

Etch of Buchanan Scott & Co.

Etch of Buchanan Scott & Co. 1888.

Update 28th May 2009.

I was passing Argyle Street today and noticed that the Two Ways was being renovated it was completely stripped bare right down to the original brick work. What was more interesting was the name of the premises, "Finnieston Station Bar and Lounge." The lettering was well preserved as it was painted directly onto the stone-work. The name was in great condition and was probably last seen over 100 years ago. I was so exited that I immediately got my camera out to record this event as it will be covered over shortly when the workmen are finished. Will the pub be reopened after this work is finished, I hope so. I will keep you updated on the progress of this very old Glasgow Public House.

Finniston Station Argyle Street

Finnieston Station Bar and Lounge. May 2009.

Finniston Station2

As seen nothing much has changed from the above old etch. May 2009.

Buchanan Scott & Co Ltd Logo

A reminder that Buchanan Scott & Co. Ltd owned the premises. May 2009.

Finniston Station3

Another view of the Finnieston Station. On the left is Kent Road, right Argyle Street. May 2009.

Also see Buchanan Scott & Co., premises at 18 Govan Street.


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