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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Driftwood.

1102 Argyle Street, Glasgow. G3 Tel: 0141334 5624.



The Drifwood. 1991.

This part of Argyle Street was formerly called Dumbarton Road.

From 1882 till just after the First World War, wine & spirit Merchant Archibald Cameron was landlord, Mr Cameron resided at 220 Dumbarton Road which was next door to his public houses. Archibald also owned pubs in Cheapside Street and Stobcross Street. In 1887 the pub had an overhaul just in time for the great Exhibition of 1888. Mr Cameron had a special blend of old well matured Scotch whisky called "Royal Charlie."

Many will still remember Billy Maxwell one of the many publican's to run the pub.

This well established pub is now called Maxwell's. 2006. To read the full history of this popular bar click here.

Minus 54 pub 2007

The pub is now called Minus 54. 2007. Tel: 0141 357 5454.

Bar Grill Sign 54 below

Bar Grill sign outside Minus 54 or 54 Below as some will call the pub.


The pub has had another name change, it had been called the Distill for some time now.

Distill Bar Argyle Street

Distill 2015.


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