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His Lordships Larder.

187 Argyle Street, 4 Adam's Courtb Lane, Glasgow.

His Lordships larder, 4 Adam's Court Lane, another address was 187 Argyle Street, 4 St. Enoch Square Place.
On the site of His Lordships Larder, started out as confectioners dating back to around 1859. The owner then as a gentleman called John Campbell a Wholesale & Retail and export confectioner and maker of the celebrated "Cough Water". He had premises at 46, 183 Argyle Street, 120 Trongate and resided at 40 St. Vincent Crescent.
The following year he was selling the above plus a liquor licence, so he became a wine and spirit and malt liquor merchant too.
A few years later he was making his products at 117 Stockwell Street a sort of warehouse. Business as very successful until 1865 when Alexander McPherson took over the premises at Adam's Court Lane as a spirit merchant, this is the first time it was classified as a public house.

In 1869 well-known wine and spirit merchant Alexander Fraser took over, he also had premises at 8 Queen Street and 242 Argyle Street. Alexander Fraser was to become one of the renowned and well respected spirit merchants in the Scottish Licensed Trade. Alexander continued to hold the licence until his death around 1876. His son Melville Fraser then took control of the thriving business. In 1899 Melville was paying an annul rent of £460 for the premises in Adam's Court Lane. The business became known as St. Mungo Vintners, having premises at 100-101 Great Clyde Street (Clyde Street,) 22 Dumbarton Road, 91 Norfolk Street and a licensed grocer business at 31-37 St. Vincent Place.

During the First World War Alexander Moore was a trustee of the late Melville Fraser.

Alexander Fraser one of the owners died in 1956.

His Lordship Larder closed down in 1959 after a fire and to make way for the ever expanding Arnott Simpson store.

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