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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


Elephant & Bugle.

1397 Maryhill Road, Glasgow. G20 9AA.Tel: 01419462341.

Elephant & Bugle

Elephant & Bugle. 1991.

This pub has it's very own ghost, many spooky goings on have been happening within these walls. The next time your in here for a pint, have a look around first to see if you can spot the man in black or a strange lady floating about. The last time I was in this popular bar the lights at the bar were flickering every time I went near one.

Elephant interior

Old John Armstrong, 78 year of age far right collected money from the regulars of the Elephant & Bugle for spastic children. A cheque for £550 was raised and presented to show business personality Larry Marshall. For 8 weeks old John walked around the bar with a tray collecting for the appeal. The photo shows Mr Marshall, Donald Campbell, manager, Mr Radford and John Armstrong. 1970s.

Elephant & Bugle interior1

Left to right Mr T Hart, general manager of Scottish and Newcastle Breweries, Alastair Gillies, H Ratcliffe, Donald Campbell manager of the pub. 1970.

A cheque for £506 10 shillings changed hands which went towards the welfare of spastics. The money was raised by the customers of the Elephant and Bugle.

bowler 1970

Other who also took part in the Association. 1970

Elephant & Bugle 2005

Elephant & Bugle. 2005.


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