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1482-88 Maryhill Road, Glasgow. G20 9AD.Tel: 01419466580.


Harvey's Bar. 1991.

Harvey's is situated at the corner of Maryhill Road and Lochburn Road. The pub was previously known as Whisky Mac's, and originally called the Wyndford Vaults. The address was formerly 132 Wyndford Street. The Wyndford Vaults was owned by Hugh Wallace Bryce in 1899.

Old Wyndford Vaults Maryhill Road 1953

Old Wyndford Vaults. 1953.

This photograph was taken in the summer of 1953 on a Sunday when all Glasgow pubs closed. The customers and friends were ready for a fun day out on the occasion of the annual outing doon the water. Licensee William Ward and Mr Martin manager with his fiancee are in the middle standing.

email from Stephen McGuire : My father gave me information on Harvey's Bar, before it was Whisky Macs it was called the Wyndford Tavern from the early 1900s. The Lochburn Bar previously McFarlane's for many years, this bar was directly across from Harvey's Bar on Gairbraid Ave and Maryhill Road Junction.

Whiskey Macs

Whisky Macs. 1980s

Harvey's 2005

Harvey's, August 2005.


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