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610 Maryhill Road, Glasgow. G20 7ED. Tel: 01419462942.



Munn's. 1991.

Munn's was founded by Daniel Munn in 1874.

A spirit haunts this old pub, when Karon McLaughlin licensee moved into the pub 2 years ago, she heard strange noises coming from the cellar thinking it was just the usual noises you hear from an old building, at first she thought nothing of it until she started to feel a presence in the pub. Karon stressed she heard a noise coming from downstairs, as she investigated, the noise suddenly stopped, she had a quick look around but nothing was there, as she came back upstairs the noises started again, Karon said it sounded like shutters rattling, she quickly run back up the bar. Another strange thing happened to Karon as she was in the lounge bar, something passed in front of me I didn’t see anything but it made the hairs on my arms and the back of my neck stand up. Later on that night 2 barmen felt a strange atmosphere and a presence at the bar, one man felt as if someone was blowing on the side of his face the other felt as if someone was passing in front of him marching backwards and forwards. Karon stated that as though she has never seen a ghost in the pub she has felt it and said it is a woman.

The staff calls the ghostly woman Mrs Munn. I asked Karon if she knew anything of the history of the pub, she said that the only thing she knows was that it was always called Munn’s. I replied that the founder Daniel Munn died a young man, his wife Margaret took over the running of the pub in 1875. A lady called Mrs Munn owned the pub right up until the late 1920s then Margaret’s son Walter took over. There has been frequent haunting’s of Mrs Munn in the last year or so, Karon said it is as if Mrs Munn is distressed as the pub is under threat of being demolished to make way for a new housing complex.
Karon went on to say that silly wee things have went missing, the staff blame each other for the disappearance, an old set of keys went missing, the keys opened an old padlock at the rear of the premises, the keys were never found.

Mrs Margaret Munn with family

Mrs Margaret Munn, with her daughter, grand daughter and Great grand-daughter. Thanks to Margaret Parkill for this great image.

Karon over the years has got used to feeling someone or something standing over her as she counts the night takings, the only thing that disturbs her is when she feels a small breeze then the temperature drops suddenly. Over the years the pub has expanded, taking in adjacent shops and cellars, one of the cellars are out of bounds as everyone is scared to go down there, Karon stressed that the temperature has plummeted to freezing conditions, even on summer months when the weather is very warm this old cellar has ice in it.

Munn's 2005

Munn's, August 2005.


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