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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Kessington.

1836 Maryhill Road, Glasgow. Tel: 01419463800.

The Kessington Bar

The Kessington Bar. 1991.

This part of Maryhill Road was known as Main Street, Maryhill. The address of the pub was then 238a-240 Main Street, Maryhill. In 1883 Samuel Leckie was landlord here until his death in 1911 when his wife took over the pub. The business stayed in the family until the out break of the Second World War.

Samuel Shaw then took over until the end of WW2. Mr Robert J Millen took control of the business from 1950 until the 1970s many will still remember him as a great golfer. In 1965 his son Bobby won the Red Hackle tournament at Hilton Park, he returned a magnificent 71, one above par to lead the first class while his father Robert took first place in the second class.

Kessington Group

Left to right D Deans, UCB, Hawick; D Spalding, Cathkin Bar, Rutherglen; D Millar, Harvey's Bar; F H Trott; R D Millen, Kessington; R J Millen, Kessington; J A Murray, Murray Bar; D G Dick; F Dunn, The Gordon, Greenock; T McEntee, Express Bar; J Hargan, Normal Bar; J E Gray and A Marshall. Photograph taken after the golf tournament at Hilton Park 1965.

email... from Stephen McGuire: the Kessington Bar prior to Hamish McDonald being the landlord was Michael O'Neil whose family owned such bars as the Duniglennan (Duntocher) and several others for around 10 years.

This old pub is now called Jumping Jacks. 2005.


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