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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan


The Redan.

1802 Maryhill Road, Maryhill, Glasgow. G20 0HD.

The Redan

The Redan. 1991.

This part of Maryhill Road was formerly Main Street, Maryhill.

This old established Maryhill local was owned by Bailie William McLeod.

William McLeod was born in 1843 at Lambhill and educated in Springburn, his first initiatory start in life was his engagement as clerk to the firm of Messrs., Leadbetter, Govan & Co, quarrymasters, to whom he remained for 17 years, during which time he married a niece of Mr Govan, one of the partners.

Mr McLeod took over his first pub at 281 Gairbraid Street, Maryhill, premises that had just been built in 1873 at the corner of 3 Vernon Street, now Queen Margaret Drive. In 1881 he took over another public house at 394 Parliamentary Road, Glasgow, many will still remember this old pub as the Lemon Tree Bar. Business was booming and in 1887 he acquired another pub further up Maryhill at 210-12 Main Street the "Redan." Using his Gairbraid Street establishment as his headquarters, all the finest liquor was dispensed at his premises, blending all his own whiskies and his special blend of "Tiree" which not only had a large home consumption but was known abroad, where it was extensively exported.

McLeod's Maryhill Road

McLeod's Bar corner of Maryhill Road and Vernon Street now Queen Margaret Drive.

William was a valuable inhabitant of Maryhill, with good qualifications and a talent to get on with the locals, he was elected as Bailie to the Town Council of Maryhill before the Burgh was merged with Greater Glasgow, the separate Council then ceased to exist.

He was a famous dog lover and an acknowledged judge, he owned Scottish Terrier "Tiree" and even named his whisky after him, the dog was one of the finest canines in the country, paying £50 for him at the Edinburgh show in 1890. In the black and tan class he owned the famous "General II" while his Greyhounds "Chevy Chase" and "Sodger Hew" made an enviable reputation for themselves. His Scotch Terrier "Ashley Plug" was a prize winner at Birmingham and Crystal Palace shows where he was also successful with his Bulldog "Jim Mace."

McLeod's Bar Maryhill Road2

Another view of McLeod's Bar. 1960s.

Mr McLeod was a director of the Scottish Kennel Club and for many years was well known at the Maryhill Cattle show, president of the Bowling Club, secretary for many years at the Kelvin Dock Curling Club and a freemason, vice-president of the Maryhill Conservative Association, how he managed to run a successful business is beyond me.

William lost his wife when she was in her 30s, leaving him with a young family of 2 daughters and 3 sons, his brother Alexander lived with them at East Park Terrace, Maryhill, Alexander was also involved in the licensed trade in the area, he was licensee of premises at Main Street, Maryhill at the corner of Watt Street, this pub is now known as the First and Last. he also ran the Little Mill in Bowling, Dumbartonshire.

William McLeod's son Robert took over the pubs in 1906 which then consisted of 281 Gairbraid Street, 210-12 Main Street and 15 Cambridge Street.

During the 1950s and 70s the pub was run by Allan Peter Hannah for Robert Fyfe McLeod and Co Ltd.

The last time I passed the Redan it was closed down with a TO LET sign on the building, it looks like this old establishment will be demolished, with houses erected on it's site.

The Redan. 2005.

The Redan 2005.


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