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Old Glasgow Pubs by john gorevan



419 Maryhill Road, Glasgow.


MacMillan's bar sat on Maryhill Road between Dalmally Street and Wilton Street.

This part of Maryhill Road was once called New City Road. Many will still remember this old pub as Mason's Bar, named after the licensee Andrew Mason in the 1950s to 1970s.

In 1888 Alexander Stewart opened two public houses in New City Road, one at 733 the site of MacMillan's bar and the other at 641 at the corner of 2 Raeberry Street. Both his premises stocked the best of very liquor available including Reid's, Barclay Perkin's and Guinness stouts, Salt's, Bass and Allsopp's, McEwan's on draught. He also stock 1875 Brandy in wood, also old port and sherries and his owned blend of 20 year old whisky called Cream of Whiskies.

Mr Stewart was born in Pitlochry the son of a farmer and distiller, young Stewart fled to Glasgow at an early age and found his way into Matthew Robin's establishment now the Scotia Bar, Stockwell Street. Highlander's were very popular in our Glasgow pubs and most of them were Gaelic spoken just like Alexander.

Alexander Stewarts

Alexander Stewart's pub at 641 New City Road, corner of Raeberry Street. 1888.

Mr Stewart's other premises at the corner of Raeberry Street had massive plate glass windows with fresh plants and flowers displayed in the window. The interior of the bar was bright, large barrels on the gantry selling top quality liquor was a prominent feature in the bar, the shelving was beautifully plastered with slim columns and the back paneled with silvered glass. The supporting columns along the bar were tinted with a shade of blue, all surmounted by broad capitals richly gilted. Even the seating was elaborately detailed. Alexander may have had a partner in business as when he died in 1899 Matthew MacMillan was granted a transfer of the licence and traded under the name of Stewart & MacMillan. Alexander Stewart's bar stocked good quality liquor, including Reid's, Barclay Perkins' and Guinness's stouts, his ales were Salt's, Bass's and Allsopp's and McEwan's on draught. The cellars were stocked full of brandies of 1877 vintage, old ports, sherries and fine whiskies from all over Scotland, his own blend "Cratur" was a twenty year old Scotch which he called the cream of whiskies.

His other premises were then rented out to Malcolm McCormack.

Over the years the locals called the pub MacMillan's and the name appeared above the door. This was not unusual for pubs to be called after the owner, even although there may have been a different name above the door. The licence stayed in Matthew's name until the end of WW2.

William David Anderson then acquired the licence and continued in the pub until 1958. The pub was renamed to Mason's Bar from then on until it was demolished 30 years later. The new owner was Andrew Mason.

Raeberry Street from Maryhill Road

Raeberry Street from New City Road. the pub on the right is Alexander Stewart's Vaults.


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